City of Rijeka

With its 200,000 inhabitants, Rijeka is the third largest city and the largest Croatian port. It is situated on the Kvarner Bay, in the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea. Rijeka is close to Italian and Slovenian borders, and is surrounded by mountains and numerous picturesque coastal towns.

It has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with exceptionally warm summers and relatively mild winters. The mountains surrounding the Kvarner create an impressive natural setting which is especially beautiful when approaching Rijeka from sea.

Along with its role as an economic and transport focal point, Rijeka retains its importance as a cultural, educational and sports centre in the region.

Within the past century, Rijeka has been a part of 12 different states and, for a certain period of time in 1920, a state for itself. This surely contributed to Rijeka being one of the most hospitable, open, tolerant and welcoming cities in this part of Europe. It is a modern city in which it is exceptionally pleasant to study, work and live.


The first steam engine in Southeast Europe was made in Rijeka.
The first museum in Croatia was founded in Rijeka in 1843.
The first photo of a gunshot was taken here.
Fiorello la Guardia, New York’s most famous mayor, worked in the American consulate in Rijeka.
One of the five remaining lifebelts from Titanic, and the only one preserved in Europe, can be found here.

The most famous film Tarzan – Johnny Weismuller (1904 – 1984) – known for his famous roar, has visited or lived in Rijeka during his life. Although it is not known exactly when, his family probably came to Rijeka because of his father’s transfer, who was a naval officer.