The Student Cultural Centre (SKC)

The Student Cultural Centre (SKC) is established by the University of Rijeka and it serves as a platform for reflection on cultural production and creation of cultural politics conducive to developing student and independent cultural scene. SKC encourages the unification of the existing student activities in arts and culture, as well as the inclusion of students in cultural events and educational activities in the field of culture and art.

Studying at the University of Rijeka allows students to be a part of the cultural scene and to take part in major projects such as STIFF – International Student Film Festival, Music Festival Impulse, Festival of Actors’ Academies, Gallery SKC and other. In addition, students are encouraged to develop their own projects and apply to the annual Student Cultural Centre contest.


RI:European Capital of Culture 2020
(Rijeka ECOC 2020)

The City of Rijeka is a proud winner of the title of European Capital of Culture 2020.
The Rijeka ECOC 2020 is based on the concept of Port of Diversity, which consists of Water, Work and Diversity thematic clusters. The concept of Port of Diversity – along with the aforementioned themes – forms a narrative about the specificity of the city of Rijeka, its past, present and future, and represents values deeply embedded in the historical identity of Rijeka, both literally and metaphorically.

At the same time, the concept also mirrors the fundamental values of European Union: multiculturalism, diversity, respect for diversity, openness to dialogue and cooperation.

University of Rijeka is one of the main partners of the City of Rijeka in the
implementation of the RI:ECOC 2020 programme. Through this partnership the two institutions will collaborate in yet another segment, aiming to create a socially more responsible community.



The organization of sports activities at the University of Rijeka was entrusted to the Rijeka University Sports Association (RŠSS), an alliance of associations whose tasks include raising the quality of sports activities at the University, including a large number of students in sports activities, informing the student population about the need to engage in sports activities and representing the University at local, national and international university sports map.

Rijeka University Sports Association is involved in a number of projects and sports manifestations, and is the founder of university sports magazine called UnisportMag. The main locally-oriented projects of the RŠSS are the organization of Unisport league – the University’s sports tournaments with more than 2,000 participants, UKSUR Cup, Acedicus and Student Sports Day, as well as the co-organization of “Homo si teć” and Academic Rabbit races.

Activities of note at the state level include RŠSS’ participation in Croatian University Sports Championships (Unisport finals), and the organization of Unisport finals in swimming, water polo and rowing regattas. In addition, the 3rd edition of the European Universities Games was held in Croatian cities Zagreb and Rijeka in July 2016.
RŠSS is a member of and actively participates in the work of Croatian Academic Sports Federation, International University Sports Federation and Rijeka Sports Federation.


The first football match in Croatia was played in 1873 in Rijeka, at the initiative of an english engineer Robert Whitehead. The match was played between the employees of the Hungarian State Railways and of the Rijeka Technical Alliance.
Twelve years later, on October 3, 1885, Rijeka theatre building was inaugurated. The painting of the theatre interior was assigned to three young artists: Franz Matsch and Ernest and Gustav Klimt. The seven allegorical canvas paintings were brought to Rijeka, and they were set up on the theatre ceiling and proscenium. It is probably not necessary to stress the fact that Gustav Klimt is one of the main representatives of the artistic direction of Art Nouveau, as well as one of the greatest decorators of his time.